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Ruchi Sharma

Spellasaurus Director

Hi, I am Ruchi Sharma, a proud bearer of Economics (H) degree, a keen learner, and always ready to explore. I have been teaching early development courses to Children since 2008. My journey, from teaching, whole brain & skill development programme to Spellasaurus has been quite an eventful & experiential learning experience.

Spellasaurus, as a course, has been an aspiring, dream project, inspired by my childhood experiences, challenges faced during my early educational years, and a deep yearning to facilitate both, Children & Adults to overcome their fears with respect to the English Language.

It was my mission, as well as my vision, to develop an absolute course pertaining to English Spelling & Vocabulary, that would focus, not only on simplifying methods, but also would contribute in a holistic way to their learning & confidence.

In my experience, as a facilitator, learning can only be accomplished through involvement. It is my sincere & committed attempt to develop Spellasaurus, as creatively interactive, as possible, for everyone to enjoy and learn at the same time.

In Spellasaurus, the approach is unconventional, yet, it contributes significantly towards bridging the gap between what is, and what it should be to ensure effective learning.

Happy Learning!

Open, Closed & Final Silent e Syllable


Overview Of Phonetics Sounds Will Be Covered, Various Vowels Sounds Would Be Taught And Phonemes Would Also Be Covered With Interactive Games, Activities And Downloadable Worksheets.