5 ways to write without making spelling mistakes.

Do you often make spelling mistakes while writing in English? 

Do you feel guilty after sending an email or submitting a project report with a spelling mistake without proofreading?

Ways to write without spelling mistakes

Do you sometimes feel over-confident about your proficiency in the English language that makes you write wrong spellings?

In this article, we are going to look at different methods for writing without making spelling mistakes.

Ways to write without making spelling mistakes

1. Learn rules of spellings in English

Learn rules of spellings in English

The first and foremost thing to improve your English spellings is to learn the basic English spelling rules. Let’s say, you want to play a video game or an outdoor game, what is the first thing you would learn? How to play the game and it’s rules, right? The rules will not only give you the ability to evaluate the game score but will also help you to improvise playing the game with passing time.

Similarly, to learn English spellings, you have to learn the rules of English spellings. Though, there is an exception in some cases as the words are derived from multiple origins. However, these rules help you to write correct spellings in most cases.

For example, the ‘silent e’ rule is applied when you want to change from a ‘short vowel’ to a ‘long sound’.

Let’s say, ‘man-made’.

The letter ‘e’ is added to the word ‘manmade’ here to add the long sound to the word which adds meaning to it.

2. Make a list of words that are difficult to memorize

Make a list of words that are difficult to memorize

Some words seem difficult to memorize as we don’t read or speak them often. This happens as the words are tough to spell. Even native English speakers get these spellings wrong. 

Here, are the most commonly misspelled words that you should know to spell:

  • Accommodate
  • Separate
  • Necessary
  • Cemetery
  • Definite
  • Calendar
  • Argument
  • Pronunciation
  • Millennium
  • Fluorescent

3. Make use of a dictionary

Make use of a dictionary

Good readers and writers always have a dictionary with them. The dictionary can be online or offline. They don’t completely rely on their memory. As some authors or readers have a very strong convention of English spellings while some also use standard spellings. 

The English dictionary is designed for English learners such as Oxford’s Advanced Learner’s Dictionary which also helps non-native English speakers. This dictionary also has more examples of words in a context which in turn helps you to select and use the words appropriately.

4. Spell the words

Spell the words

If you are not sure how to spell the word, spell the word loudly. You are most likely to write what you hear. This is the simplest trick that is taught to kids in school. You can write the correct spelling or almost near to it by this trick. For example, you can easily learn the spelling of ‘blink’ and ‘blank’ just by spelling them out. This will improve your pronunciation skill too.

It may not work for every word. In that case, we have to use a different method. For example, the word ‘friend’ doesn’t sound the way it is written. 

What are the other words that don’t sound the way it is written? Write down in the comments below.

5. Play word games

Play word games

Board games or mobile games with word puzzles or riddles are a good way to improve your spelling skills. This will also help you to learn the spelling of new words.

Games like speller, word scapes, wordmeister, and much more help to learn English spelling in a fun way.

These board games or mobile games are easy at the beginner level. As you progress, it allows you to brainstorm to improve your vocabulary. Some of the games are multiplayer online games that allow you to play with your friends and family and also other players around the world. 


In this article, we have understood different methods on how to write without spelling mistakes. 


  1. Learn rules of spelling in English
  2. Make a list of words that are difficult to memorize
  3. Make use of a dictionary
  4. Spell the words
  5. Play word games

Let me know which method helps you best to write the spellings in the comment section below. Do you use any other method to improve your English spelling, let me know that too.